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Property Investment Options

Property investment is a real investment that is in front of your eyes. Today, more Canadians are buying second property in the form of recreational as vacation homes, farm houses, beach properties or simply a vacant land.  

Owning a Second Property Can be Easier than You Thought
A dream home is within reach. We can find the right loan to help you buy and finance a 2nd home or investment property. Our pre-qualification process will ensure you are ready to buy and we can assist in finding a real estate agent in your area!

Vacation Homes or Condo Investment

Vacation homes and downtown condo property investments can provide great returns – if not in the form of extra income, then at least in some well-needed family time. Spending family time on a long weekend at your cottage by the lake, for instance. Or, opening a cheque from a tenant who is renting your condo for more than the cost of its mortgage. 

While both sound a lucrative investment options, having a second property as an investment is not always fruitful if risk factors are not wisely calculated. Consult with a professional before investing in second property. 

Mortgage Options for Investment Homes

30-Year Loan
Take advantage of low rates by locking into a low payment with a traditional 30-year loan

15-Year Loan
Get the same security of a 30-year fixed rate mortgage, but pay your mortgage off in half the time.

Get Pre-Qualified

Increase your bargaining power by getting pre-qualified with us today.

Not sure which program is right for you? Contact us today! Our expert team can get you pre-qualified and find you the loan that best meets your needs. Find out how you can get pre-qualified today!

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