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Owning A Business

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or a seasoned professional, smart business owners know that growth brings tremendous opportunities for profit. Your commercial property is an important aspect of growth.

As your company continues to grow, increasing your workspace through a commercial mortgage becomes increasingly important. Our commercial loan team can help you understand how commercial loans work and can process application fast and approve your loan in less time.

Commercial Mortgage Advantages

Acquiring a commercial mortgage has some distinct advantages.

  • Keep Control of Ownership through a Commercial Loan

  • You Benefit as the Property Appreciates in Value

  • Improve Cash Flow with a Commercial Loan

  • Commercial Properties are Eligible for Tax Deductions

Financing A Business Acquisition

 An incorporated company is considered a separate entity, both legally and for tax purposes. Before you can start or buy a business, you should be able to estimate your personal borrowing capacity. Depending on your personal balance sheet, lenders could ask you to put up some of your assets as security (e.g. capital property, available cash flow, etc.). Your borrowing capacity can thus be used as a financial lever to acquire a business. If you do not have enough personal assets you will have to look for other sources of financing for your acquisition project.

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